Let me re-introduce myself!

Hey guys!!!

It’s been a while. I've been dabbling in and out and yes I've lacked consistency but you know what? I’m not going to apologise because the growth has been so immense, I’ve had to put me first.

You all know I love sharing but I had to take some steps alone without you and boy was it worth it. At my tender age of 42, I am the closest I’ve ever been to freedom and I’m in love with my growth.

Straw hats

The lovely world of social media have bought many of you here, just in time for my re-vamp so let me share a snippet of my journey with you.

I have always been a confident woman but that confidence was born from the validation I received from my parents, my family, my friends etc. So when my marriage broke down after 28 years of being childhood sweethearts, I was in shock. An element of it was arrogance, I’m a damn good catch! It took me a long time to remove my ego and see that I had a part to play in the divorce. I taught him that there were no deal breakers and therefore no consequence for failing to meet my standards.

My marriage broke down at the time I had decided to start my coaching business. I didn’t have a great income to rely on and I networked the heck out of the personal development world. My blogs were doing well, my workshops were sold out and I became the goal getter of the personal development world.

At my tender age of 42, I am the closest I’ve ever been to freedom and I’m in love with my growth.”

I am not sure exactly when it happened but I began documenting my journey to finding my way back to self. It was a beautiful process and this new love led to me distancing myself from the personal development world as it had become a very competitive and toxic space for me. My inconsistency led to my tribe of self lovers finding other spaces to learn, express and seek guidance. At no point did I feel resentful because the commitment to your journey is finding spaces that serve you. Self love must come first and finding spaces that support your growth is a must.

Today, I have learnt new methods to finding my vision, new levels of patience that test my emotional intelligence and I am also in a place where I challenge societal norms rather than conform to my own understanding. Like I said, my growth has been next level. I still have challenges and as usual, I will be transparent with those.

If you are new here, thank you for joining the tribe. Let’s ride this self love train together.

Love from Charm x

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