Sharing is not always caring

There has been plenty of moments in my life when I have trusted someone so deeply that I have an urge to open up and be vulnerable. Every single time, it has been a moment that I regret. People will tell you that they have your back, that you can

trust them and yet in your moment of truth, freedom and fearlessness, their judgement kicks you in the back.

The issue I find is that not everyone can see past their own experiences, social constructs and fears. Responding from a place of fear will lead to a defensive attack on your character and no matter how emotionally intelligent you are, your confidence will be rocked. These experiences will shape you and make you hide who you are and what you share. Others’ opinions of you do not matter but they do sting a little.

I, myself am a natural oversharer and the more comfortable I am in your presence, the more I open up, this is true for most people but I have learnt that it is not necessary to open up about all of yourself, who you are is a personal experience and your business to know, and accept.

The amount of times I have felt free to share scary, difficult and embarrassing parts of me and receiving backlash for it, you’d think I would stop but I am no ordinary woman. I am perfectly imperfect and love where I am today. I refuse to allow anyone’s insecurities, fears or inexperience make me feel like I am not worthy. I am who I am. You either accept me or stay out of my way.

I share this today because no matter what, you are worthy of kindness, love and acceptance. Whether you are a sharer or not, be free to be open and honest about who you are, love on you hard because the love from others is always conditional. Commit to being the best version of yourself, some will love and understand you, other will be closed minded and judge you harshly. That’s their decision, not yours.

Love from Charm x

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