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Why do I need a strategy for self love?

Good question. Well, why do you need a business plan? Why do you need a physiotherapist? Why do you need a skincare routine? Why do you need pre-marital counselling?

It’s a plan for success, a guide to support your progress or a strategy to help put you back on track.

The thing is, people don’t think they need a self love strategy because as much as we say we are working on self, we are not! We are doing as much external self care tactics to make us feel great in the short term as we can. Before you ask, there is nothing wrong with self care but like I said it’s short term. Self love is a life long journey, pretty much a part of choosing a healthy lifestyle.

“If you do not love yourself, how can you possibly know how to love another.”

It is the place you come to when you are stuck, scared or completely down in the dumps to remind you that there is a road map back to loving self.

I clearly remember when I felt like I had grown, evolved and I had no idea who I was now and how my growth had impacted me so I went right back to basics. That was my self love strategy and it needed updating. Just in case you don’t have my book, let me share how you create a strategy.


The first thing that I did was to look at what I wanted for my life, my vision. This I will cover at another time. I then looked at my SWOT analysis and realised that I had to update this. My strengths, weakness, opportunities to my growth and the threats to my growth has all changed and this I the basis for self awareness

Emotional intelligence is also a major part of this and learning how to navigate through our emotions as well as have empathy and respect for others sounds easy but unless you know your emotional triggers and behaviour, it’s a minefield.


Self care is the lemonade stand to your journey. It’s the quick, temporary pick me ups that are vital for the long journey of self love. It is the time when you stop to fill your cup and an essential part of the process.


Protection from harm is important on your journey and looks like clear boundaries that stop others from taking advantage but also remind you to keep drawing the line when people, environments and others convince you to move your boundaries.


This part of the strategy is your step by step guide, your goals, the to do list that will get you to your vision. Once all other elements have been met, this is the fun bit.

The self love strategy is no different to a business plan. It’s the written guide to falling in love with who you are, accepting your flaws and driving forward to being your best self loving life.

If you need any guidance on creating your self love strategy, book a call with me and let’s get started.


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I'm Charm, a self love activist, life coach and podcaster.

I am extremely passionate about creating the best opportunities to live a life that is fun, free and fulfilled.


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