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There is something about hitting my fourties' that has forced me to stand in my power, my faith and my joy. I don't want comfort and I don't want hardship. I want challenges that teach me new things and experiences that open my eyes.

When I look out, I realise that life continues to push us all of balance and standing up becomes more and more tiring. This is not the challenges I want in life. So I have returned to YouTube to document my highs, my lows and share my self loving, goal getting, soft life living expert tips.

The first video of the series is coming on Monday 3rd April so head over, subscribe and hit the bell to be notified of when I launch.

Thanks in advance

Love from Charm ❤️


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I'm Charm, a self love activist, life coach and podcaster.

I am extremely passionate about creating the best opportunities to live a life that is fun, free and fulfilled.


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